2. Sonja + Tim - Lake Tahoe Wedding-33

Photography for the adventurous souls & rebels at heart

1. Rigo + Davine - Roseville Wedding-38

Pictures of stories & feelings no words can describe

4. Chelsea + Zach - Sacramento Wedding-15

For the wildly in love

3. Emily + Andy - Sacramento Wedding-6

Fueled by passion for simplicity

- 2017 -

- ESTD -

behind the camera lens

The Duo

Gabriel Vasquez

Ivan Soria



I've been filming for the past five years and i'm a sucker for sentimental/emotional father daughter dances & first looks. I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my family. Videography has always been my strong passion, though, and I feel lucky every day to be able to do what I love and capture the biggest moments in peoples live. I love capturing the emotion, the details, and the love portrayed for everyone unique love story

A wedding & elopement photographer by day, an event planner and location scout by night. When I’m not photographing weddings, or helping clients plan an elopement - my wife and I are hiking up in the mountains, or chilling at the beach with our corgi.

If you're planning to get married and want to do it your way - I'm here to guide you through the whole process!